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Sem's Auto Detailing - Full DetailsSem's Auto Detailing - Full Detail

Our Package Deals include both exterior and interior detailing and save you money when booked!

Premium Detail $250 - $300

The Premium Detail includes everything offered in both the exterior detail and the interior detail but as a packaged price.

Platinum Detail $300 - $350

The Platinum Detail includes the premium detail PLUS an engine wash!


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Premium Detail Package

$250 - $300

This service includes both our Full Service Hand Wash & prep, Polyseal buff & seal, and our Complete Interior service. You save 10% - 15% off of our regular prices when purchasing this package. We are not charging extra for the Polyseal! Our Polyseal is the very best choice because of all the existing pollutants and environmental elements damaging your vehicle's clear coat paint.

Platinum Detail Package

$300 - $350

Our Platinum Detailing Package includes our Full Service Hand Wash and prep, our Poly Seal, a Complete Interior service and an Engine Shampooing. It is a good idea to shampoo your cars engine once a year. It makes the engine run cooler by removing greasy deposit build-up on your cooling hoses.

Having a clean engine also makes it easier for your service technician to work under the hood and to detect leaks. If you plan selling your vehicle to a private party you should consider having us clean and dress your engine compartment. A clean engine compartment makes your car sell faster!

Having all three services completed with this package saves you about 15% from the purchase price if purchased separately. Precautions are taken while cleaning the engine compartment. Older vehicles may be at risk. Please ask us about more information regarding this service.

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